Karma Theory

Theory of death and rebirth.

By Adnan Abraham

Karma Theory


Describing Death and Rebirth

Karma is a plural word as it is done by mind, body and soul altogether. The overlord of Karma is Saturn and thus Saturn is the most powerful planet. Even Gods could not escape the aspects of Saturn.

Your Saturn in your horoscope shows all the negative karma you will do or you have already done in your life. And this negative karma will be the cause of your suffering. Even the all powerful Vishnu is bound by the laws of karma, that is why he is taking birth again and again, and cast into ten different incarnations and in each incarnation, he had to face tremendous suffering so that he can balance his karma.

As “Kurma Avatar” Vishnu is carrying all the humans and their karma on his back. Also constantly incarnating himself even today in any avatar we pray to him and thus his job never ends. Another example is Rudra, because of his karma he suffered a lot, and even had to beg for food while being the God of destruction.

Every karma good or bad is compelling your soul to take birth again and again. If you have done good karma then you have to born again to reap the fruit of it, and if you have done bad karma you have to take another birth to face the punishment with interest.

This is the reason why the Sadhus and spiritual gurus renounce the world and live alone in the mountains, because they don’t want to create more karma (good or bad) for themselves, so that they break the cycle of death and rebirth.

A sadhu can not associate himself with the karma of 10th bhava of the horoscope. It means that he can not associate himself with making a living, if as a sadhu he is making a living he can not call himself a sadhu.

How Karma is preformed ?

Karma Theory, how karma should be performed

There are three ways to preform karma:

1) Mansika Karma

The karma done by thoughts.

2) Sharirika Karma

The karma done by body

3) Vacika Karma

Karma done by speech. Vacika Karma is directly connected to the soul. That is why we do not chant mantras and prayers during meditation. Meditation is the highest form of spiritual practice because we are balancing the karma of the soul by not performing vacika karma.

In karma theory there are there categories of karma

1) Sancita Karma

Sancita Karma is the total amount of karma that we have with us from the past incarnations and we need to balance it burn it all so that we can stop the cycle of death and rebirth. Sancita karma is consists of the karma of our forefathers, the karma of our past incarnations, and the karma that we are doing in our present lifetime.

One of the methods to determine the amount of karma we need to burn in our present life is by looking at the degree of our “Atmakarak” planet in our horoscope. More the degree more the karma.

2) Prarabdha Karma

Prarabdha karma is that part of scncita karma which you have to face in this lifetime. Whether it is going to be good or bad depends on your past life karma.

It is not possible to experience and burn all of the sancita karma in one lifetime, that is why some portion of it is taken as prarabdha karma and divided into 12 different parts and placed into 12 different rasi(Zodiacs). With the planets placed in these rasi(Zodiacs) we can determine that when and how our karma will manifest.

The same cycle of death and rebirth will repeat itself again and again until we finish all of our sancita karma.

3) Kriya-mana Karma

Karma (Mansika, Sharirika, and Vacika) that we are continuously doing in the present life is known as the “Kriya-mana Karma” and it is continuously adding itself to the Sancita Karma.

So you see that there is a never-ending cycle of creating and burning karma. Kriya-mana karma can be good or bad depending upon your actions based on your free will. When these karma will manifest and how they will manifest can be seen from your horoscope.¬†Through Kriya-mana karma we can also fix our life’s issues to some extent and can make our life less painful.

OK.. Now you know what to do..

Karma theory

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