Learning SEO Is Easy

Learning SEO is easy. It is you who make it complicated.

By Adnan Abraham

Learning SEO Is Easy It is You Who Make It Complicated

Learning SEO

While learning SEO, why do you spend your time learning about the history of SEO..?

How will the history of Google and the history of SEO be going to help you in the present times’ website ranking? Leave it. Move on.

Learn about what is happening today in the world of SEO and what are the requirements to rank your website in the present days. I will try to show you the SEO guidelines with the most simple and right to the point manner.

Following points are the step by step SEO guidelines:

1)Keyword Research:

In the process of learning SEO. You must learn, how to do keyword research. It is important and you must spend some time on it.

There are many free tools on Google to do keyword research. So, you can use them to find your keywords. The most popular of the is Ubersuggest.com

And when you get the quality keyword, you should use them in the H1 tag, H2 tags, in all the important places and of course in the written content.

2)Written Content:

Written Content is important because google works on written content.

Write a good amount of content and maintain a good quality of it. If you can write a Thousand words, I want you to two thousand words.

While writing the content use active and passive voice, transition words, and keep using the keyword in the content.

Make it neat and clean, use short sentences and paragraphs.

3)Loading Speed

Learning seo

Make your website load fast. Most importantly on the mobile devices.

Defer your Java script and move it in the footer and try to use it only as per need. Remove all the unused java script.

Inline, the CSS and remove all the unused CSS. Use pictures that are of less memory. There are many free image compressor tools on google.

Minify the HTML code. and please don’t use the super stylish Font-Family.

These points will also increase the loading time of your page on mobile( we will discuss the mobile factors in a while ).


If you are using WordPress, Then there are so many plugins to make your website better. But you should not use them unnecessarily, because they can pickle your site.

The two plugins that I recommend for SEO are:
1) Yoast.
2) Fast Velocity Minify.


learning seo yoast

Yoast works like magic. Install the Yoast and start working on your SEO. Yoast is a complete SEO package. It will guide you step by step and tell you what to do.

It can point out the mistakes in your content. And will tell you how you should write it. It will also guide you in the Keywords, SEO title, meta description, slug, and many more.

Even if you are using other technologies to build your website. You can still use it to correct your content. Just download WordPress on your localhost and run your content on Yoast. It will correct your content according to the SEO requirements. And when you are done, just copy it and paste it on the original website.

Fast Velocity Minify:

learning seo fvm

Fast Velocity Minify plugin is really good. It has some default settings that make things quite easy. For example, It Minify HTML manages javascript and CSS. And there are other different settings options that you can choose as per need.

I recommend to use plugins only as per need and try to do things manually. Please do not use plugins blindly they will sabotage your website in every way.

Because they have there owned javascript and CSS files. It’s like you are using javascript to remove or manage java script It’s like fight for peace. and **** for ****.

5)SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is very important for the security of your website and as per the terms of Google to rank your website. Websites without SSL certificate are not secure and hence google does not consider them to rank.

6)Mobile Friendly:

Make your website mobile-friendly. It is important to make your website responsive and mobile-friendly.

The more you make your site mobile friendly, the higher the chances will get a good ranking on google. Because Google will not consider those websites which are not mobile friendly and does not load fast on mobile.

7)Google Search Console

Google search console is a tool from Google. Here you can monitor the working of your website. But, first, you have to link your website by generating your “sitemap” and “property”.

Google bots also known as spiders, will start crawling your website once your sitemap is linked with google. Spiders tell google, that how your site is working, what improvements it needs, and many other different factors on which google decides whether to rank your site or not.

Linking the website to google through a sitemap is like inviting Google on your website. And no matter how good your website is performing, if it is not linked with google you cannot find it on google.

8)Link building

Link building is the most important activity when it comes to Back-links.

Try to generate quality back-links. Because Google gives high value to back-links. In fact, back-links are becoming the most important factor when it comes to website ranking.

You will find many free tools on Google to do the back-link research and one of them is “Ubersuggest”. It is an amazing tool for SEO related research.

Learn how to generate back-links. And you will find many useful videos to learn this topic. You can search “Backlinko” on YouTube and watch their videos related to backlinks.

9)Start Blogging

Write a blog and share it on the different social media platforms and amazing platforms like “Medium”. Here also while writing a blog, you have to do the keyword research, and use those keywords in the content and use all the content writing rules.

And One More Thing

One More Thing

You Should Never *** Ever try to learn SEO just by reading a blog.

Join a course of learning SEO or digital marketing. Learn it properly. Blogs like this can only guide you. And can tell you basic things.

If you want to learn SEO and digital marketing, you can contact us. We deal in Digital Marketing, Web Development and we also provide online courses and training programs in Digital Marketing and Web Development.

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