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Digital Marketing is an important and interesting skill.
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By Adnan Abraham

Digital marketing is very essential for all kinds of Business

digital marketing

Small Introduction to digital marketing services

Marketing is a process. It can be tracked down to the 16th century. So, it is a very old method to sell goods and services. To clarify, that the success of every business, in the olden day and the present days depends on the marketing.

That is to say, Marketing came a long way. And it has evolved, from singing songs in the street, spreading flyers with and without the announcement, to carry attractive posters and banners of handsome men and beautiful ladies, telling you about some bread or a jar of a mixed fruit jam. Sometimes, they are advertising for a new brand of tea.

Don’t forget the billboard, and those amazing newspaper advertisements with funny cartoons.

Now marketing is only being understood by the term “Digital Marketing”.

Importance of digital marketing services

Every business, no matter big or small needs digital marketing services. To clarify further, even the business of providing digital marketing services needs, digital marketing.

As a result, the internet is full of digital marketing, and you will notice it everywhere, in one form or in another. Firstly, websites are developed to load faster for the consideration of google.

Secondly, content is written as per SEO needs. Further, paid ads are posted on the Google search engine, and on the social media platforms.

Moreover, even the videos you watch for entertainment, and learning are also engaged in digital marketing.In addition blogs are also written to attract people.

Many more examples can be found on the internet if you look.

Learn digital marketing, work for yourself and be your boss

What I feel is, that Digital Marketing enabled people to work for themselves. Therefore, as a result, you will notice that many young men and women are, rising and making their name in digital marketing.

To clarify, digital marketing contains different methods of marketing, to sell goods and services. Some of the methods are equally good. You can choose them even further as a business idea. For example, start an SEO company, or a Social Media Marketing company, instead of dealing in all the branches of digital marketing.

Earlier marketing was just a normal process, but now it is a serious business.

No matter, if you are working as a freelancer or you are a businessman, in the line of digital marketing. You also might be teaching your skill of digital marketing to others.

All of this needs a high level of skill, because all of these are high paying jobs with a good career.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a vast subject, and therefore, it has different methods which are as follow:

⦁ SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
⦁ SMM (Social Media Marketing)
⦁ SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
⦁ PPC (Pay-per-click)
⦁ Content Marketing
⦁ Email Marketing
⦁ Influencer/Affiliate Marketing
⦁ Viral Marketing
⦁ Radio Advertising
⦁ Mobile Advertising

Certainly, you don’t have to learn every method. But, there is no harm in learning all the methods. If you want to try, it is totally up to you.

But, just to clarify that learning and practicing any one or two methods are enough, to make a good career in digital marketing. However, we will discuss some of the important methods which are in demand.

Since, almost everyone is using the internet these days. Therefore, digital marketing always allows you to interact with your target audience.

As a result, the number of people joining the internet will keep on increasing. In other words, digital marketing is a very important and highly valuable skill.

Now let us discuss some of the important methods of digital marketing.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization):

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is certainly a very popular and powerful method. As a result, it is used on every website and on every blog. It is a method by which you can influence search engines, like, to get a good ranking on it.

Imagine, you have a business website, and you are not getting satisfying number of clients. There could be possibility that, you haven’t done SEO on your website. As a result, your website is not showing on the first page in the search results.

So, this could be the reason, for all of your struggle in getting traffic on your website. It is not a cheap service. But, SEO is cheaper than other marketing methods like Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, etc. To clarify just by uploading some keywords SEO will not work.

You have to give it time. You certainly have to put a good amount of hard work into it. Because SEO is a process.

Firstly, you have to put lots of written content on your, website in a certain manner. Secondly, you have to optimize it. Moreover, you also have to have a good understanding of Google algorithms, google webmaster tools for high ranking SEO.

If you are good at SEO, you can make a good career out of it without any regrets.

SMM (Social Media Marketing):

The use of social media platforms to connect with the audience, in order to sell goods and services, is known as social media marketing.

Major social media platforms, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat. Are used for social media marketing, as well as for branding. It is a long term process like SEO. And you should not expect overnight results.

Therefore, time and dedication are very important. Most importantly, anyone who is engaging in social media marketing, must know how to catch the eye of potential clients. He/She must be creative and should be able to create attractive and meaning full content.

You have to do a lot of analyses, make a strategy first, and keep on planning and publishing interesting content. As a result, Social media marketing is a full-time job. It is not so easy and it is time-consuming. But, it is a high paying job. You can certainly make a good career in social media marketing that is for sure, you just have to dedicate your self to it.

In conclusion, You are doing advertisements on social media platforms.

Influencer / Affiliate Marketing:

In affiliate marketing, we earn a commission by doing marketing of someone else’s product.

Most importantly, as an affiliate marketeer, you have to have the knowledge to influence people on the internet. In order to sell goods and services.

In the process of affiliate marketing, affiliates use different methods, for example, social media platforms, websites, blogs, and cell phone marketing to do the marketing of a particular product or a particular brand.

Facebook, Instagram, blogging, etc are also very famous and popular platforms for affiliate marketing.

On the other hand, YouTube is the most famous platform. You will find many famous You-Tubers doing affiliate marketing on it.

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